EMS PBA Business

The challenge of Brain tech, which is always doing
the best in invisible places for more comfortable lifestyle, is still ongoing.

PBA Manufacturing : It is possible for total service
from OEM, ODM (development) to PBA & SET manufacturing.

아랫방향 화살표

Control Board for bidet

  • Single-phase AC 220V / 60Hz / 1470W
  • Directly connected to the water supply
  • Safety features(overheating prevention, water level,
    water filling and water flushing sensor, etc.)

Communication Repeater

  • Rated Input Power (Rated & Max: less than -47dBm / 1FA)
  • Rated Output Power (11dBm / Total)
  • Gain and AGC Range (68dB, AGC 50dB: 40dB + for protection 10dB)

Medical Motherboard

  • Fully automatic control (built-in microprocessor),
    the entire process of sterilization
  • Cylinder type Container Chamber
  • AC 220V/1.5kW